My adventures in programming kept me away from updating my website. Not anymore!

    With improved programming knowledge and experience gained so far, I think it's time I created a new vision of some of the things I learned. Studying different programming languages has been a lot of fun that is part of my everyday life.
I decided to make over my site not only to offer my skills as a developer but also to build on the design and illustration abilities I already have.
I feel that with better understanding of technologies available on the market, good programming and design skills, I have unique qualifications to improve and enhance user experience of the website.

To see my previous website work click here.

I also did a small sites for my pictures, click here and have a look. This was created to practice DOM Scripting, love doing that. The following projects use JQuery... Kraków, Wieliczka, Czech Republic, Bielawa and a few random pictres.
My latest project in Silverlight, about design work for a start up company, click here (BidRocks), if you can't see anything, you need to have Silverlight player to view it! Easy to download, from Microsoft site.
New projects SQL Server Guy, John Raiss MD, Well Body Works
THE NEW SITE WILL LAUNCH SOON! Meanwhile I created yet another Silverlight site, click here to see it!

Any requests to create a website, or a make-over of your own business on the web, can be sent to
or call 310-429-9714

Thanks for stopping by,
Aga Kalinowska
Agadaga Designs